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While wrinkle correction directly targets the fine lines of ageing, dermal fillers plump up and rejuvenate the entire target area of skin.

Dermal fillers enhance facial features to create a more youthful countenance.

How long do dermal fillers last?

On average, dermal fillers last between 6-10 months. You can come in for another dermal filler treatment when you begin to notice the plumping effects subsiding.

What areas of the face are dermal fillers used for?

The targeted areas of your face for dermal filler treatment is personalised and customised according to your needs. If you have a specific area of your face that you want to rejuvenate or plump up, we will focus on that area.

Usually, patients use dermal fillers to plump up their cheeks and lips, which tend to lose volume with ageing.

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